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Are metal roof's loud during rainstorms?

Contrary to popular belief, metal roofing is often quieter than a asphalt shingled roof. Multiple layers of shingles, roof decking, underlayment, attic air space and insulation above the ceiling, also buffer the transmission of any noise.                

Is metal roofing fireproof ?

A metal roof is among the safest of all roofing materials because of its durability and non-combustibility.  Many insurance companies offer discounts on home fire insurance when metal roofing is installed on a home.     

The Underwriters’ Laboratory (UL) has developed a fire ratings system to provide information about the fire safety of a variety of products. Fire ratings are broken into 3 divisions. Class A rating is non-combustible (severe fire exposure without igniting) Class B rating  (roof structures that can withstand a moderate amount of fire exposure and Class C (roofing structures that can withstand a small amount of fire exposure.

Do metal roofs attract lightning ?

Metal roofs are no more susceptible to lightning strike than other roofing materials. The probability of lightning strike has to do with height and size of the structure and its surroundings, rather than its construction materials.

Is metal roofing easy to install?








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