Safety Issues


Working on any construction projects has a potential for danger or accidents.  Before starting any construction project, check with local city building codes and ordinances for proper installation methods and safety requirements


 Be aware of weather conditions. Do not work on the roof when lightning storms, high winds, rain, ice and snow conditions occur.

 Care should be exercised when prolonged high temperatures may cause heat exhaustion.

 Do not work on roof alone. If an accident should occur, there should be someone there to help.

 Always wear a safety harness and make certain it is tied to something sturdy. If you should slip, a harness will prevent injury.

 Wear sturdy shoes or boots with good traction to prevent slipping.  Use safety glasses, hearing protection and a hardhat when needed.

  Use extreme caution when working near power lines, conduits or TV antennas. Never touch them or allow a metal ladder to come in contact with them. 

 Keep your work area clean and eyes on the area you are working on to help prevent miss stepping or tripping.

 When working from or with a ladder, adhere to ladder safety guidelines.







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